LoyceLane Photography


Husband and wife team, Andy and Amber Bolin, strive to be your family photographer with over twenty years of combined, professional experience. Andy Lane studied photography at Atonelli College - Cincinnati, Ohio and Amber Loyce pursued her Photography & New Media degree at the Kansas City Art Institute. Together we have combined our own photographic expertise to complete all your photographic needs. We love our family and friends and that is why we came back to Central Missouri, so let us use our knowledge and passion for photography for you and your family. We want to be apart of your life to photograph your moments and create lasting memories that your family can cherish for lifetimes.

We have a wide range of photographic abilities. We can get creative as you would like us to, or we can give you a nice conservative portrait. We cherish fun, enjoyable moments in our sessions and take as much time as your family needs to capture them. We offer studio photography as well as outdoor locations around our small town. Realizing that not all of your family is next door, take us to where your special event may be. We want to be there for you, so just give us as a call or email to set up any unique arrangement.

LoyceLane Photography is an affordable, quality photography service that wants your business, so let us become your professional family photographer! Thank you for choosing LoyceLane Photography!


California, MO